Cam St-Omer Donaldson brings a unique perspective to the intersection of fundraising, change and anti-racism, equity and inclusion within the charity sector. With over a decade of experience as a fundraising leader and advocate for equity and inclusion, Cam is dedicated to reshaping traditional fundraising practices, as well as approaches to change and organisational policy to foster greater diversity, equity & inclusion.

In this engaging session, Cam will explore the critical importance of challenging the status quo. She will delve into strategies for influencing & engagement, dismantling barriers and biases, inspiring organisations to cultivate more inclusive supporter & internal relationships and equitable resource distribution.

Attendees can expect to gain actionable insights on how to embed equitable principles, as well achieving buy in for change, she will discuss everything from reimagining supporter & internal staff engagement to benefits of fostering more diverse workforce within charity organisations. Cam will share tangible steps and case studies, offering roadmap for navigating the complexities and seizing opportunities. 

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Cam St-Omer Donaldson's expertise and join the conversation on driving meaningful change.

Camille St-Omer Donaldson

Cam is a dynamic fundraiser and leader, bringing heart, passion & vibes to the sector since 2012.

She has recently joined Fundraising Everywhere as Head of Engagement & Relationships, using her experience within charities to create awesome member experiences and lead the new membership growth & strategy.

She began her fundraising journey as a Telephone fundraiser over 10 years ago, then joined the British Red Cross in 2016, making Fundraising compliance accessible through inclusive learning and training. She has held many positions at BRC since then, including Supporter Experience Lead, Head of Fundraising Compliance & Quality Assurance and leading their Fundraising & Marketing department on culture, change and engagement.

She's most proud of her ability to consistently challenge the status quo, and hopes wherever she goes she leaves nothing the same!

This has seen Cam be part of the organising committee Charity So White, recognised as one of Civil Society’s 2020 ’25 fundraisers under 35’ list and co-host of BAME Online (now known as Uncharitable), the UK sector conference centred on Anti-Racism & philanthropy.

When not geeking out over the latest in fundraising compliance or Beyoncé, she spends her spare time, at the theatre and watching re-runs of Ru Pauls Drag Race!