Session: Outside the Box (and classroom) - A fundraising walking trail of Dublin

In our target driven and often short-term goal focused non-profit environment our world can get very small. We can lose sight of the bigger goals we are working towards that might take years or decades to achieve. We can also miss the fundraising campaigns, ideas and inspiration all around us. And we can forget to connect with our peers.

So, this may we’re hitting the streets, learning about Ireland’s fundraising past, taking inspiration from our fundraising present, and reminding ourselves that our own organisations' fundraising methods aren't the only successful way of raising money for the causes we love.

We will take inspiration from organisations that have been working towards their goals for centuries and consider how our own organisations sit in a wider non-profit eco system.

Attendance at this event will be limited, with strict advance booking, details on how to book coming soon.

Kevin Delaney

Kevin Delaney is co founder of Academy Street Workshop, a specialist nonprofit agency.

Growing up in Finglas on the edge of Dublin and pursuing a degree in Applied Physics Kevin never imagined the adventures that awaited him as he followed the nonprofit trail all over the world.

I’ve stood in the middle of a city square in New Zealand on the phone to a police chief as he told me that I hadn’t secured police support for the event I was about to run and that if the 5,000 rock fans who were about to arrive started any trouble I was on my own.

I’ve delivered a fundraising seminar in Rome to over 200 missionaries from all over the globe and had it translated in realtime into five languages.

I’ve sat in a supporter’s kitchen as they told me, with tears in their eyes, how much they missed their loved one and how supporting the cause was what kept them going.

I’ve had the pleasure of introducing volunteers from all over Europe to their Ambassadors to Ireland so they could be thanked for representing their country with distinction.

And I’ve had the great, humbling pleasure of getting to work with the very best of humanity.

My passion is the people I get to work with.

Academy Street Workshop was created to help amazing people build stronger organisations that achieve great things. They help them build dynamic, passionate and skilled teams. They lead them through the creation of ambitious strategies. They encourage and push them to do more than they think is possible and stand with them when their courage waivers.

20 years of nonprofit adventures has led Kevin to speak on stages and in spaces to fundraisers, volunteers, board members and leaders in: Oslo, London, Rome, Amsterdam, Nashville, Navan, Lisbon and Dublin.

And he's excited to be leading a fundraising trail around the city this May.