Session: Audience-First Mobilisation & Lead Generation in the Changing Digital Landscape

Joshua Leigh & Sarah Crowhurst

Mobilisation and lead generation for building fundraising programmes that are audience-first, sustainable and will withstand the huge, critical shifts in the digital advertising landscape (things like the Digital Services Act restricting targeted advertising; Chrome killing the cookie in 2024; Meta weaker performance in the wake of iOS14).

In this changing digital advertising landscape, we’re seeing the declining performance of direct-to-donation asks, and a huge opportunity for 2-step and lead generation to build cash file by email and to build RG by telemarketing.

With our clients, we have developed and tested several exciting new lead magnets, like values-led hand-raisers as well as audience-led digital Val-ex items that excite, delight and connect audiences with the cause they care about in new ways. The goal is to create something that serves an audience need and create a shared vision for the world – a collaborative, values-driven proposition, rather than a traditional need/solution story.

As the digital advertising platforms shift, and consumer expectations evolve to a place where they want a little something extra as they do good, our clients have worked to create products that address new habits, new technologies and overall create a sustainable programme for digital fundraising, in 2024 and beyond. We’ll show participants how they can get started, with an exercise template that helps them develop their own lead magnets, and a hands-on demonstration of how to get the basics right on Meta and Email to bring it to life.

Sarah Crowhurst

I'm an experienced digital strategist with a demonstrated history of working in the fundraising industry, having previously worked at PETA, Barnardo's, Save the Children and Plan International.

I have experience working across fundraising and campaigning disciplines - from audience research and product development to individual giving and events.

I can bring your digital strategy to life, or help write a new one. I also conduct strategic digital reviews and audits, write new supporter email journeys, or immerse myself in data to identify actionable insights.

I can bring your creative ideas to life - by launching new products and executing digital campaigns across paid social, email and your website.

I have developed many digital strategies and implemented campaigns for large organisations, including, Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Salvation Army, Oxfam, Leukaemia UK, Mental Health UK, MSI Reproductive Choices, Plan International UK and Refuge.