Session: Fundraising ethics - Doing the right thing? But what is the right thing?

You’ve discovered loads of great ideas at Summer School that you could implement in your fundraising. The question is: ought you implement them?

As a fundraiser, when you go to a conference, you take away great practical advice: ‘Here’s something that will work; you should do it too.’ But do you always consider whether just because you can do it, you ought to do it?

How often do you pause to consider whether they might have unintended ethical consequences from implementing this great idea?

At the Fundraising Summer School, we have tried to embed ethics through the two-days, rather than have a ‘token’ ethics session, which suggests that ethics is separate and optional to fundraising practice.

At this interactive session, led by MacQuillin, we want you to bring to the panel the ethical dilemmas, issues and challenges you have encountered at Summer School (or those that you have been ruminating on for a long time already) so we can engage in a critical discussion around what they are, why they might be problematic, and how we might resolve them.

Cherian Koshy (session two)

Cherian Koshy, CFRE & CAP, brings 25+ years of leadership to the nonprofit sector. Cherian serves on the AFP Global Board as the vice chair of professional development and is the former chair of Volunteer Iowa. Founder of the Nonprofit Operating System, an AI-driven platform enhancing nonprofit efficacy, which was acquired by iWave in October 2023. Cherian serves as the VP of Product Strategy at iWave.