Session: Outward Mindset: From silos to dream teaming

Max Newton & Lindsay Tilston Jones

How much money, time, energy and people are lost as a result of teams working poorly with each other? Can you afford that to continue? You can’t afford not to hear about Outward Mindset.

We'll take you behind the scenes on how Outward Mindset revolutionised our leadership and enabled us to achieve amazing results working with other teams. A new way of thinking about ourselves and relationships with others totally changed how we led our teams, broke down silos, totally turned around ways of working with other teams, improved our wellbeing, and more. All the things we think are important in leaderships – including coaching and feedback – only really make sense when wrapped in Outward Mindset.

We will give an insight into Outward Mindset and bring real life examples of this way of thinking in practise and you’ll be amazed at the results. Both from our time together at Shelter and since we’ve been apart ☹

We’ll talk through some models and tools, telling stories to illustrate. And we’ll even have some audience interaction, including getting a chance to work through a key Outward Mindset tool with your neighbour.

Outward Mindset is a new way of solving age old issues that are a constant complaint at organisations in the sector. 

Lindsay Tilston Jones

Lindsay is Head of Community Fundraising, at Shelter, UK. She has thirty years in fundraising at organisations including: Make a Wish, Austism Together, Alzheimer’s Society and MHA Care Group. She has led on creating innovative ways of working with other fundraising and comms teams with game changing results. She is mentor for The Girls Network. Lindsay is passionate about Community Fundraising, organisational culture, giving a voice to young women and working-class fundraisers.

She is a big Liverpool FC supporter despite living in North Wales, with Mike and 4 cats. Lindsay can do the whole Mr. C rap from Move Any Mountain by The Shamen. And she once had total access to all Max’s social media accounts for 5 days, where he gained many more followers due to her amazing content.