Session: The productisation of fundraising

Charities worldwide and across many causes are experiencing challenges with regards to hitting ambitious targets. It would be incorrect to assume that this is because our society has become less giving. Conversely: the need and opportunity to give to causes has rapidly increased from the war in Ukraine, to the climate emergency and supporting racial injustice.

Instead, charities are lagging behind in their ability to shift the focus on how we ask. Charities have adopted commercial approaches through their adoption of advertising, which in a capitalist world is a necessary action.

The next phase requires a need to productise the ask:
From: Give because it’s the right thing to do
To: Give because it is an expression of who you are as a person

Please note, this is an interactive workshop

Tiwa Odukoya

Tiwa Odukoya is Global Digital Supporter Acquisition Specialist at Save The Children International, where her role is to support global fundraising programmes to drive digital growth to achieve the best impact for children.

Her career background began as a media planner / buyer working for a range of performance clients working on global clients including Nestle, Huawei and Beats by Dre. It was always her dream to work in International Development and she left the advertising world to conduct a volunteering programme in Kenya, completed a Masters in Media Practice for Development and Social Change in order to merge her skills and interests to shape a new career path. She has since worked at large and small charities including UNICEF UK, Centrepoint and Global Witness.