Session: Fundraising in tough times

Svitlana Pugach, Konstantina Papadimitriou & Eelco Keij

We are in times of multicrises, towards a global risks landscape where economic, geopolitical and societal vulnerabilities will continue to build.

The world economy is in a fragile state. Reeling from the economic impacts of the pandemic and climate change, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022 has pushed many countries beyond their ability to cope – and then the war in Gaza followed. Rising food and fuel prices, debt distress, and tightening financial conditions are now combining to create what the UN is calling the largest cost of living crisis of the 21st century.

In this session we will explore what other recessions have taught us as fundraisers and how we can apply these best practices in a 2024 environment and beyond. It will draw on fundraising experiences from the US (Eelco), Greece (Konstantina), and Ukraine (Svitlana) during times of political and economic turbulence, and share learnings that can be applied in any donor market. You will leave better equipped to adapt your fundraising approach and strategy during these times of crisis.

Konstantina Papadimitriou

Konstantina is a passionate strategist, fundraising consultant, trainer, mentor and philanthropy advisor working with organizations and donors who seek to grow and achieve impact.

She has been leading fundraising teams in international non-profit organizations, such as Greenpeace and ActionAid in Greece, and she currently supports numerous organizations to develop their fundraising and leadership capacity, fulfill their goals and embrace change. She has more than 18 years of experience in the nonprofit sector and most of it in organizations undergoing change.

Konstantina works with nonprofit professionals who want to lead with confidence and thrive in a constantly changing environment, helping them gain a new perspective and develop skills, attitudes and behaviors that will help them be successful and fulfilled.

“What I get up to is my eagerness to continuously learn and do the best I can to make this world a better place for all, joining forces with inspiring, wonderful people.”