Session: Everything you wanted to know about Irish Donors but were afraid to ask… until now!

We all want to know the same thing, don't we?

What do our donors think? Their motivations for giving, how being a donor makes them feel and their thoughts about things like legacy giving.

During this session, Edwina will be sharing insight from the hundreds of conversations the research team at Ask Direct have had with Irish donors over the last few years.

Our qualitative research interviews have given us an in-depth understanding of what motivates Irish donors and how they feel about their relationships with the charities and causes they support.

But Edwina can’t share it all in 45 minutes which is why she asked delegates to share what they are most interested in hearing about – the question they would ask a donor if they were sitting in front of them. Come and hear the answers to the questions that you and your fellow fundraisers most want the answers to. Leave with a better understanding of your donors motivations, their experience as a donor and how they really feel about legacy giving.

Edwina Newcombe

Edwina is one of the driving forces on the Ask Direct Insight Team. 

As Head of Research, Edwina leads the research function within Ask Direct, planning and executing our work on donor and supporter research.

In recent years she had led donor research projects for major Irish charities such as Oxfam, Dogs Trust, Cork Simon, Barnardos, Arthritis Ireland along with a series of consortium research projects across the Irish charity sector.

As Strategy Director she is responsible for the strategic thinking, creative direction, data analysis, research and assessment involved in executing outstanding fundraising campaigns.

With a background firmly placed in fundraising before joining our team 15 years ago, Edwina worked as an individual giving fundraiser for Barnardos and Amnesty International.